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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update: Delivery to DR

We made it to Harbour Island on Sunday around 10:30am and were greeted by the owner who took us back by golf cart to the boat. We got settled into the boat and Ross proceeded to spend an hour or so going over the boat systems and my duties as mate. After looking at the weather report our good captain decided to take advantage of of a weather window and begin our journey south that afternoon instead of leaving Monday morning. We grabbed a bite to eat in town (delicious Wahoo sandwiches and salads) and then returned back to Hammerhead to set off on our journey.

It was overcast and rainy when we left the dock and headed over to fuel up the boat before taking off. Almost 500 gallons of diesel later, we were ready to make our way off of Harbour Island and start our five day journey in a persistent rain and light wind. By the time we made it to the ocean, winds had picked up over 10 knots and it felt downright cold. Luckily we had brought rain jackets and were afforded the luxury of an enclosed cockpit. We motored for about 8 hours until we came to the south end of Cat Island where we dropped anchor, made a quick sandwich, and all retired to our bunks for a solid nights sleep.

The next morning we woke up to the beautiful scenery of the southern Bahamas, made some tea, and lifted anchor around 7am. It was warmer on Monday and the seas a bit smoother but the sky continued to be overcast. We stopped for gas at the Flying Fish Marina at Clarence Town, Long Island just before lunch for a fill up and some fishing lures. After our stop and a quick lunch Catherine decided to try some Dramamine to help ease the woes of the rolling sea and managed to catch up on a lot of lost sleep. :) We continued south and spent the night in Atwood Harbour at Acklins Island. After setting anchor, Catherine and I jumped off the stern of boat and swam about a hundred yards to a beautiful uninhabited beach. The sunrise the next morning was beautiful as you can see above.

We pulled anchor at 7am and headed south for our next stop at Turks and Caicos. Weather conditions were very nice and we got in some smooth boating and great sun bathing. Less than 30 minutes from our destination, Ross exclaims, "I feel like catching a fish!" I ran to the transom and dropped our line in the water and he trolled past a huge patch of sea grass. Needless to say our efforts were well rewarded!

The boat is now clean, the fish filleted, and we are showered up--time to go find a beer on this island!



  1. Great catch!!! You have caught a flyfisherman's dream!!

    Jerry called tonight and wants us to fly our airplanes to the Bahamas over Memorial Day weekend and coincidentally, island hop to DR. You know after hearing about your fun, we may do it. Need to get a custom's sticker for the airplane, flotation, and larger numbers and we are ready to go.

    Keep the blogs coming. We love it and glad you are having a great time!

  2. Holy cow, that is the giantest Mahi I have ever laid eyes on.