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Friday, April 16, 2010

We did it!

We've been talking about it forever...or so it seems....quit our jobs, take some time off, blah blah blah... But now we've actually done it! We are officially unemployed and plan to travel around the world for a year(ish).

Yann's last day of work was March 12. He and Ky spent the following four weeks packing up the majority of our worldly possessions, moving things into storage, and making minor repairs to the house. It was ready to rent after about two or three weeks and we lucked out by renting it out quickly. Hooray for craigslist! Meanwhile, I was finishing up work. Yann's motto was since I had to work, he'd take care of the house stuff, but I think we all know which job was harder. My last day was last Friday, April 9. We had a quick weekend in NYC and are now in Nassau.

The initial plan was to relax with Steve and the Bahamian crew, take care of the rest of our administrative life details, and research the around the world trip for the next month. However, as luck would have it, we have some unexpectedly awesome things in store: a five day boating trip down to the Dominican Republic, a week in Key West at a singer/songwriters' festival.. Hopefully, we'll actually plan some of the bigger trip! In mid- to late-May we'll return home to Mississippi and Baltimore to bid final farewell to our families. Then, at the beginning of June, we'll leave for the big trip!

So, welcome, to our blog! We plan to update this as frequently as we can to keep you all informed of our progress. Although we do have a rough path planned at this point, we expect it to change often. We also hope to meet up with as many of you as possible along the way!

Catherine Neil


  1. We are looking forward to your blog and adventure.

  2. I'm not sure reading this blog is going to be good for my health, considering I'm already consumed with jealousy. :) But if you stop in Turks and Caicos, I recommend Grace Bay Bistro - it's delicious, casual and you can eat right on the gorgeous 12-mile beach. Have fun!