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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Day in Baltimore (and Honfest)

When Dad, Debbie, Yann, and I got up this morning, it was a little late: almost 11:30 by the time everyone was really moving. I'd like to blame last night's dinner of strip steaks, smashed potatoes, and a little too much amarone. And I'd also like to blame the late-night viewing of The Hangover, which, if you listen to everyone else, is cinematographic genius. I disagree, but I'm getting off-topic.

Anyway, no one wanted to make breakfast, so we decided to go up to Woodberry Kitchen for brunch. Woodberry Kitchen is a fabulous restaurant dedicated to supporting local and organic farming. They also have some fantastic adult brunch beverages: bloody marys with shallot top garnishes and blood orange mimosas--yum! However, to get to Woodberry Kitchen, you have to drive through Hampden.

And this time of year, Hampden has their annual street festival called Honfest! Honfest celebrates all of old-time and present-day Baltimore: beehives, leopard print, cat-eye glasses, AWESOME make-up, natty boh, crab cakes, etc.

On our way back from Woodberry Kitchen, we stopped through Honfest. Fun--check it out!

We just spoke to the Palmores in MS and now we are about to start making dinner for our final night at home with Dad and Debbie in Baltimore. It still seems pretty surreal that we'll be somewhere over the Atlantic at this time tomorrow.

Just a little bit of cheese for a moment: thank you to all of our family and friends for all of your support! (both emotional and in the form of board--we've been homeless for more than two months now!) We can't wait to do this and to meet you along the way if possible. We love you all!

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