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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Desert Trip Day 4 - Merzouga

On Tuesday, we woke up excited--we would see the dunes today! We drove through Rissani, where a guide showed us through the markets and the kasbah. Everything was for sale: donkeys, goats, sheep, produce, sandals (with soles made out of recycled tires--it seems that the Berbers make a lot of things from recycled tires--very cool), some really scary looking meat, like goat heads, homeopathic drugs, and spices. We really should have sent some saffron home because it is soooo inexpensive here. However, I don't really know if anyone wants THAT much of it.

Then we were off to the dunes. When we finally came up on them, I don't even know how to describe the sight. It sounds terrible to say, but the first thing I thought of was video game/Alladin cartoon....I had just never seen anything like this in real life! And I still think the most appropriate adjective is "otherworldly".

After we got to our hotel, we decided to go for a walk on the dunes and I don't think I've ever experienced heat like that. Supposedly it was especially hot that day...around 120? When the wind blew, it felt like a blow-dryer. We saw a group from our hotel head out for a sunset camel ride which did not seem even remotely appealing in that heat--I wondered how I'd fare the next day.

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