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Friday, July 9, 2010

Desert Trip Day 7 - Fez

The coolest part about the Midelt to Fez trip was stopping through the cedar forest to see the Barbary apes. I didn't know if we'd have to look for them or what, but they were just EVERYWHERE and super tame. The coolest part was how the babies would ride on the adults' cute!

We are staying at a very nice guest house in Fez (thank you Sarah for the recommendation). Coincidentally, it is owned and was restored by an American woman. After a week of very little communication in English, it was really nice to get a very clear overview of the medina. Our room is the smallest in the house, but is still huge and lovely. The whole place is really beautiful, but I'll save Fez for a separate entry, especially since we'll be here five days. :)

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