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Monday, October 4, 2010

We Love Cape Town

Okay, I said before that Madagascar was my favorite country that we've visited so far (although Turkey is a very close second) and I stand by that statement. However, Cape Town is the first place we could actually see moving to and living for a few years. Not that we're talking about moving abroad *at all* (unless maybe someone could find us jobs here?), but this would definitely be a great place to do so!

Things that are awesome about Cape Town:

* It's gorgeous. Smack dab between ocean and mountains--what's not to like?
* It's spring right now. I'm sure it was freezing for the World Cup, but right now there are highs in the low 70s. And it's mostly sunny aside from some morning clouds.
* It's orderly. Part of the charm of other places we've visited is definitely the lack of order, but this was a really welcome change at the moment.
* The wine is fantastic. (not that Malagasy wine was a difficult hurdle to surpass) Way better than any South African wine I've had in the States, but that may not be saying much. Maybe they don't export the really delicious stuff. Oh *and* we're going wine-tasting tomorrow!
* Tons of active and outdoors-y stuff to do here. We're very sorry we'll only be here a week and that a lot of what we've done (necessarily) has been administrative.
* A lot of the accommodations are self-catering apartments and the city is set up really well that way. We hadn't cooked at home in over three months. Hello, yuppy markets!
* More specifically, the Neighbourgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill every Saturday!
* Nice people and genuinely friendly and helpful service.
* Art and music scene.
* English-speaking. Even though the difference between the South African and American accents almost makes it like two different languages... I was tired of speaking French. I'm lazy, sue me.

Hooray for Cape Town!

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